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John Dough and the Cherub

by L. Frank Baum

First Edition


John Dough and the Cherub by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by John R. Neill is for sale. This is the John Dough and the Cherub first edition with the original competition still bound-in and the misprint to page 275 with the word “cage” instead of “cave”.

John Dough and the Cherub is not a Wizard of Oz book, but this L. Frank Baum rare true first edition was published in 1906 by Reilly and Britton in Chicago, U.S.A.

The front board bears a large image in colour of John Dough carrying a cane and waving accompanied by the cherub who is also waving.  The back board features a black and white image of the cherub pulling John Dough off a seat that reads: “The Great John Dough Mystery”.  The binding is in Very Good condition being complete with the front board being slightly weak but still firmly attached; wear to the top and bottom of the illustrated spine; slight rubbing to the spine; and corner wear.  These are an extremely attractive binding from this vintage children’s illustrated book.

This edition of John Dough and the Cherub has the misprint on page 275 (line 10) where it has the word “cage” for “cave”.  View the misprint now.

There is a double page colour illustration to the front endpapers and rear endpapers which are in stunning condition.  There is an inscription in a calligraphic hand to the top margin of the front free endpaper which is dated Christmas 1906; and a small retailer’s label to the bottom of the front pastedown

There are 314 numbered pages with 4 pages of advertisements to the end of the book with a contest printed on yellow paper with a perforation to the left edge which reads at the top:

Read This Before You Read the Book

The Great John Dough Mystery

Is the Cherub Girl or Boy?”

There was a $500.00 prize for the best answer – a huge prize in 1906 by today’s standards.

There are 34 full page colour illustrations by John R. Neill as follows:

1. Boy or Girl? (Frontispiece)

2. Then a Sudden Idea Struck Him (Page 31)

3. Monsieur Jules Turned and Fled (Page 39)

4. The Cracker Suddenly Exploded (Page 45) Closed tear to the margin edge – no loss

5. “Come Inside While I Get a Knife” (Page 49)

6. John Dough is Carried Off by the Rocket (Page 57)

7. “It’s the Cherub” (Page 63)

8. The Brotherhood of Failings (Page 69)

9. The Castle of Phreex (Page 75)

10. The Kinglet and Nebbie (Page 83)

11. BÉBÉ CELESTE (Page 95)

12. “Hello Neighbor” (Page 107)

13. The Musician Threw Himself Upon the Piano (Page 116)

14. “This is Imar” said Chick (Page 123)

15. “Now, You Sit Still and Behave Yourself” (Page 137)

16. “Hurray, John Dough, Or You’ll Be Eaten!” (Page 143) – small closed tear to the bottom margin not affecting the illustration

17. Chick discovers a trap door (Page 149)

18. Chick Assists John to Land (Page 171)

19. The Home of the Princess (Page 181)

20. The King of the Mifkets (Page 195)

21. The Mifkets Howled with Delight (Page 199)

22. “Stop That!” John Shouted (Page 209)

23. Ali Dubh Attacks John (Page 217)

24. The Mifkets Recapture John (Page 223)

25. “He’s Mine and Mine Alone!” (Page 227)

26. Para Bruin to the Rescue (Page 247)

27. “Creep Behind the Sheet of Water” (Page 251)

28. In the “Observation Room” (Page 259)

29. The Princess Embarks in the Submarine” (Page 267)

30. “Nice Ride Isn’t It?” (Page 281)

31. The Retired Pirates (Page 287)

32. The Castle of Hiland and Loland (Page 295)

33. “The Cherub is Wise For One So Young” (Page 301)

34. King Dough The First (Page 311)

This is in addition to the numerous smaller colour illustrations to the beginning of chapters, and the huge number of black and white illustrations in the text. This is an absolutely stunning vintage children’s illustrated book

The pages are in overall Very Good condition with slight age toning to the margins

This example of John Dough and the Cherub is a very desirable and collectable L Frank Baum children’s illustrated book

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