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Winnie the Pooh


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Classic Children’s Illustrated Books

The Classic Children’s Illustrated Books for sale includes:

Charles Lamb Tales From Shakespeare circa 1914

John Bunyan The Pilgrim’s Progress circa 1916

T.W. Rolleston Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race Second Revised Ed 1916

Louisa M. Alcott Little Women circa 1922

Warwick Goble The Fairy Book Second Edition 1923

Louey Chisholm The Golden Staircase 1928

Walter de la Mare Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe Signed Ltd Edition 1930

David Garnett Pocahontas First Edition 1933

Bonzo Annual 1949

Rev W. Awdry Gordon the Big Engine First Edition third impression 1958

Rev W. Awdry Duck and the Diesel Engine First Edition first imp. 1958

Rev W. Awdry The Twin Engines First Edition 1960

Rev W. Awdry Enterprising Engines First Edition first imp. 1968

Rev W. Awdry Oliver the Western Engine First Edition first imp. 1969

Rev W. Awdry Tramway Engines First Paperback Edition 1976

Rev W. Awdry James the Red Engine

Christopher Awdry Thomas the Tank Shapes and Sizes signed book 1991

Charles Kingsley The Water Babies illustrated by Harold Jones First Edition 1961

Dr Seuss Sleep Book US First Edition 1962

Charles Lamb Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare circa 1914 Charles Lamb Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare circa 1914